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6 things I wish I knew about university exams

By Adrian 01 Mar 2023

  1. Check your timetable in good time. This gives you chance to clear up which room your exam is in if you're unfamiliar with it. Exams can be all over campus so double check if you've not been to that building before.
  2. Get to your exam in good time. Just because it starts at 11 doesn't mean you get there at 11! If you get there nice and early then there is one less thing for you to stress about. 

  3. You don't need your phone in the exam. Don't risk your chances by taking your phone into your exam with you and if you need to, turn it off and leave it in your bag. It's not even worth the risk and that pre-exam Instagram story is getting boring anyway...
  4. There are a few different things you MUST remember to take to your exam: Your student ID, water bottle (with the label removed), pens/pencilspencil sharpenerrubber and a calculator if you need one.
  5. Other than water, don't take any drinks or food into the exam with you. If you feel peckish, have a decent meal before your exam and remember some fruit to snack on just before. 

  6. If you finish your exam early, you'll have to sit tight until the exam is timetabled to finish. Sometimes you can leave slightly early but never get up until the invigilators say so. 
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Adrian is a medical doctor, the Student Health & Wellbeing Manager at the University of London and the Warden of Connaught Hall, where he has lived for more than 25 years.
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