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8 reasons to volunteer TODAY

By Konrad 10 May 2022

Anyone can be a volunteer, and no matter how much time and effort you can afford to put in, you will find something to fit your lifestyle.

But why should you? Well...

  1. Volunteering chases loneliness away!
    Volunteering brings people together from diverse backgrounds to work towards one common goal. These people will see you at your best and your worst - so you can guarantee the friends you make will be true.
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  2. Because it's the right thing to do
    By becoming a volunteer you're making a huge difference. Every person contributes to valuable community service time, allowing more money to be spent on essential resources.
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  3. It'll help you
    Volunteering looks great on your CV. Leadership, teamwork, working under pressure...these skills can increase job prospects, and if you do a good enough job you might even get a few decent references!
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  4. It lets you broaden your horizons
    Aspiring traveller? Why not work in a different country? Wildlife volunteering in South Africa? Teaching English in Morocco? Or rugby in Samoa? You'll help the population and the environment, while experiencing new cultures.
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  5. It'll keep you healthy and happy
    Volunteering helps reduce stress levels, while improving mood and emotion, and strengthening our immune systems! It might counteract all those takeaways (or at least lessen the guilt).
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  6. You're being a good person
    We're all guilty of being selfish and demanding at times, and moaning for minimalist reasons. Why not think about someone else for a change? It might even change your perspective on life! 
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  7. Volunteering strengthens communities
    By helping in the local area you could be supporting families and young people; helping to improve schools as well as making it a nicer place to live! Each of these will lead to a happier and stronger community.
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  8. A journey of self-discovery
    Just like uni, volunteering helps you discover yourself and your passions. It lets you test your career plans as you learn what you enjoy. It might even spark interest in those jobs you're currently doing half-heartedly. Gardening, cleaning, cooking...
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There are literally hundreds of ways for you to get involved in so many different areas including education, social support, health, the environment...the list is endless. 


Check with your university for volunteering opportunities!

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