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A welcome note from the Eleanor Rosa House Warden

By Konrad 09 Sep 2019

Dear Resident of Eleanor Rosa House

You are reading this letter at a very exciting time in your life. Thanks to your hard work, commitment and determination you are about to start a university degree in one of the most vibrant places in the entire world – London. Endless opportunities, thousands of new places to explore and people to meet, all of it will soon be your reality. As exciting as it is, for many people in your position, and possibly for you too, it will also be a time of big changes, challenges and adjustment to your new life – after all, this might be the first time you have to leave your family home for weeks at a time and say goodbye to a lot of familiar faces. But don’t worry - you have chosen to spend the next year in a place that will become your home in no time and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of new people who you will call your friends sooner than you think.

At the Intercollegiate Halls of Residence, you’re never alone. We have a dedicated team of people who will look after you and to whom you can always turn to – Resident Advisors, Senior Resident Advisors and the Warden. Please do take time to familiarise yourself with the members of the team. 

If you haven’t done so already, please join our Eleanor Rosa House 2019/20 Facebook Group. At the moment, it is a place for people to meet their future flatmates and start making friends. Throughout the year, we will use the group to announce events and important updates about Eleanor Rosa House.  

This letter has been made available to you on our new student portal (you’re on it right now) where you will find not only information about the events and announcements from the wardenial and hall management teams, but this is also a place with plenty of useful information about health and well-being, living in London, useful tips and informative articles. Please take your time to explore it, especially if you’re coming to London from afar – we have written a lot of the articles with you in mind.

Another very useful source of information is the Handbook that I strongly encourage you to go through. You will find information on how to connect to Wi-Fi on page 51. Please note, you have to be in your room to do so.

We have lined up some events for you that we will advertise on this website and the Facebook group so please keep an eye on this. The first one will take place on the 15thSeptember in the evening and this is to welcome you in the hall. It will be the first chance to meet your fellow residents so please join us in the Common Room (don’t worry, you will not miss it, it’s right next to the reception).

As you are aware, this is the first year when Eleanor Rosa House welcomes its residents. We have been getting ready for your arrival for quite some time and we are extremely excited to meet you, but please be patient and understanding if there are any teething problems. Come and talk to us about any concerns and we will try to get everything sorted for you as soon as possible.

I’ll see you all soon.

Konrad Sliwiak

Eleanor Rosa House Warden

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