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Residential Life

Connaught Hall: How can we help?

By Adrian 15 Sep 2019


Staff are available 24 hours a day for emergency help. Ask reception to contact the duty Resident Advisor (RA) or manager.

If you need the emergency services, call 999 first, then inform reception so they can send emergency personnel to your location and alert Hall staff to support you.

020 7664 2047

Welfare, health & wellbeing

Contact the Warden or a Resident Advisor (RA) if you are worried about your studies, health, or wellbeing – including stress, illness, loneliness, disputes, and equality issues.

No problem is too big or too small to discuss with the Warden or RAs. If you don’t want a formal meeting, just come and speak us at mealtimes. |

Noise complaints

Noise is a common cause of dissatisfaction with Hall life. If you are being disturbed, please try to address the problem yourself first, by speaking politely and calmly to the person(s) making noise. If this is unsuccessful, then ask contact reception to call the Duty Resident Advisor. | 020 7664 2047

Social & recreational

The Association Management Committee (AMC) provides leisure facilities in the common rooms, and organises most of the social & recreational programme for the year, with guidance from the Warden and RAs.

Contact one of the elected members of the AMC with any comments or suggestions about social and recreational facilities, or ideas for events that you would like us to organise.


Ask to speak with the chef immediately if you think there is a problem with the food, or if you need to know about allergens.

To make any other comments or suggestions, email us.


Report routine maintenance requests in the book at reception. If it’s an emergency (e.g. flood or electrical fault), ask security to contact the on-duty staff member immediately.

Contact the Hall Management team about any persistently unresolved maintenance problems.

Housekeeping & cleaning

Write any routine requests for general housekeeping matters in the housekeeping book at reception. Contact the Hall Management team about any housekeeping or cleaning concerns – including waste disposal and recycling.

Lost property & lost room keys

If you find any lost property, hand it in at reception.

If you have lost something, ask the Hall Management team during normal working hours if it has been handed in.

If you lose your room key, you can get a replacement from reception for a fee.

References for landlords & proof of address for the bank

The Hall Management team can provide reference letters as proof of address (e.g. for your bank) or tenancy history (e.g. for future landlords / letting agencies).


If there is a problem with your Hall internet connection (wired or wireless), contact the central University of London Network Services team.

Please note that your Eduroam login is managed by your college, not the central University of London. | 020 7862 8092

Room swaps & contract dates

All room swaps and contract issues are dealt with by the central University of London Accommodation & Hospitality team. | 020 7862 8881

Accommodation fees & invoices

Payment deadlines are shown on your invoice.

Pay online at

Any queries are dealt with by the central University of London Accommodation Finance team. | 020 7862 5772

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Adrian is a medical doctor, the Student Health & Wellbeing Manager at the University of London and the Warden of Connaught Hall, where he has lived for almost 25 years.
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