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Health and Wellbeing

Dealing with homesickness positively

By bzbeth 13 Sep 2022

New city, new home, new people and the lingering smell of pesto pasta is nothing compared to your Sunday roast at home.

First things first, feeling homesick and missing home is completely normal, so don't put yourself down. 

I'd know - I've just graduated and managed 3 years living over 2 hours away from home so I've been in exactly the same position as you. Sometimes it can be really hard not seeing your loved ones every single day and at time you just want a hug from your mum (or dog) but it's important to stay strong.

For a bit of advice, watch the vlog I created on the Browzer channel where I share how I overcame homesickness and stopped it taking over my university experience. I hope it helps!

Like the video? Check out my YouTube channel.

If you're really struggling, get in contact with your Residential Life team or speak to Student Support at the university - they're both always there to help you out.