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Easy ways to get fit around London

By bzellie 07 Jan 2020

Whether you want a new way to improve your fitness or you just need to find some motivation to start getting fit in the New Year, we've got the best cheap ways to get fit around London.

Ditch the transport
Walk instead. It may be quicker to take the tube or bus but many stations are actually a lot closer to each other than you may think. Check your maps to see if you could walk and get some exercise instead of using public transport.

Ride a Boris bike
If your destination is too far to walk how about hiring a Boris bike? For only £2 you could have the bike for 24 hours and once you are finished all you need to do is drop it off at one of the hundreds of docking stations located across the city. What a great cheap way to get some exercise

Join a running club
There will be plenty of free-running clubs across London. Running clubs are a great place to meet new people and motivate yourself to get fit, running with other people will push you to do better especially if you find it hard going for a run or the gym alone.

No frill gyms
London has a great range of no-frills gyms. These tend to be the cheapest gyms around and not to mention they are open 24 hours, so whether you're an early morning person or a night owl you can pop to the gym whenever you fancy.

Outdoor gyms
If you're on a tight budget how about visiting an outdoor gym? There are hundreds dotted all over the UK so keep an eye out for these in your local park. Have a look at The Great Outdoor Gym or FreshairFitness to see where your nearest gym is.

Download Strava
If you enjoy running or going for a jog but struggle to find the motivation, Strava app will be right up your street. You can connect with other Strava users and track your run against theirs, it also shows you new running routes to take and has a leaderboard for you to compete against.

Find what suits you and stick to it - you can do it!


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