Residential Life

Eleanor Rosa House - Instruction Manual

By Konrad 14 Oct 2019

Halls address for correspondence 

Your Name

Room Number

Eleanor Rosa House

2 Lett Road

E15 2RA

Landline number: 03300552537

Warden's Team

A duty RA can be contacted by speaking to reception weekdays between 6pm and 8am the following morning and all day at weekends and bank holidays.  

They are your first point of contact for any pastoral/well-being issues  (for maintenance/facilities issues please see Home at Halls app section below).

If you wish to contact the Warden you have to book an appointment via email

For more information about the warden’s team, structures and procedures of the hall please download the Resident’s Handbook.

 Duty Shift Start TimeDuty Shift End Time
1Monday6 PM (evening)Tuesday8 AM (morning)
2Tuesday6 PM (evening)Wednesday8 AM (morning)
3Wednesday6 PM (evening)Thursday8 AM (morning)
4Thursday6 PM (evening)Friday8 AM (morning)
5Friday6 PM (evening)Saturday8 AM (morning)
6*Saturday8 AM (morning)Sunday8 AM (morning)
7*Sunday8 AM (morning)Monday8 AM (morning)
8*Bank Holidays8 AM (morning)The following day8 AM (morning)

* Weekends and Bank Holidays: duty shifts last 24 hours from 8 AM to 8 AM the following morning. 

Home at Halls

Home at Halls application for your mobile/tablet device If you haven’t already; please download our Home at Halls application to be able to use features such as: 

  • Complete your inventory – please note that you have 7 days from registering on the app. If you have missed the deadline, please let the reception know and we will reinstate it for you
  • Report maintenance issue
  • Receive parcel notification
  • Contact Hall Management directly
  • Register your visitors
  • Let us know if you will be away from halls for a longer period

Browzer (this is where you are now)

a close up of a logo

For the latest information about what’s going on at Eleanor Rosa House and in the wider Intercollegiate Halls of Residence community please go to To see list of events and announcements just for ERH residents click on Residential Life tab and choose the hall’s name or go straight to

Browzer has plenty of information about your health and well-being as well as useful tips on how to meet new people, open a bank account, travel from the main London airports and many more!

Parcels and letters

a box that has a sign on the side of a building

Parcels and letters will be processed during the day as they are being delivered.

To allow us to process the parcels in a timely manner we have set up collection times from 2 pm daily. You will receive a notification with a barcode on your Home at Halls app and via email. Please have your barcode ready when collecting the parcel.

Letters can be collected anytime by requesting a post box key from reception. Postboxes are numbered with your flat number and a key number. Please request the key accordingly to your post box, check your mail and return the key to reception.

Common Areas

Main Core A

  • Observatory 28th and 29th Floor 
  • Sky Lounge 25th Floor
  • Activity Studio and Games Room 2nd Floor
  • Study Room and Quiet Space 1st Floor
  • Student Lounge/Theatre Room Ground Floor

Core B

  • Roof Terrace 4th Floor (This space will be closed until mid-October for maintenance)
  • Bookable Kitchen Ground Floor – This space can be booked through the reception. We will need total number of guests and their names and times the space will be booked for.


a person standing in front of a building

Laundrette is located on the 3rd floor and is open 24hours. To pay for washing/drying, you will need contactless card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

To use the facilities, choose the machine and tap on the number corresponding to the washer/dryer. It will then prompt you to touch your card to take payment. Once the payment gone through choose a programme and press Start.

You must empty the washing machine/dryer as soon as a cycle is finished. If you’re planning to leave the laundrette while your wash is on you must come back before it is finished.

Should you have any issues with the machines please let the reception know.

If the machine has charged you more than once, please come to the reception with the screen shot of the overcharge. We will record this and give you a free wash/dry.

Bin Store 

Bin Store is located on the ground floor – if you are not sure of the exact location please come to the reception and we will be happy to show you. There are colour coded bins:

  • Orange – Dry Recyclables
  • Blue – General Waste
  • Green – Glass

Please make sure you separate rubbish correctly and do not put general waste in either Orange or Green bins. Do not leave rubbish on the floor.

Please DO NOT leave any rubbish in corridors and staircases as this poses a Health and Safety risk as your fire escape is being obstructed. Any boxes that are being thrown away should be flattened and placed in the bin. 

Shared Kitchen Cleans 

We are providing kitchen cleans once weekly only for the shared kitchens. The remaining five days of the week is your responsibility to maintain the cleanliness. Our Housekeepers will clean the surfaces tables and floor. They will also collect your general waste rubbish and replace the bin liner. Please note the recycling is up to you to remove and place in the bin store as well as extra rubbish that doesn’t fit in your general waste bins. Appliances like Fridges, ovens and microwaves are to be maintained clean by all of the flatmates.

Respect Our Neighbours 

a man lying on a bed

Quiet times are form 11pm until 7am. During that time please be mindful of playing loud music that might be disturbing to others. Please do not congregate with your flatmates past 11pm outside the common rooms. 

Fire Safety

Our weekly Fire Alarm test will take place every Wednesday at 2:30pm. If you hear a fire alarm sounding at any other time and for more than 10 sec please assume it is a fire evacuation and proceed to the nearest exit.

Appliances in your kitchen

a person cooking on a stove top oven

Hob – there is a safety switch (reset button) on the wall that needs to be pressed to be able to enable the hob. Your hob will be on for 15 minutes, if you need it for longer you will need to press the reset button again

If you are using any appliances i.e. hob/toaster/kettle, please make sure you do not leave them unattended.


a close up of a sign

All halls operate a strict non-smoking policy, which includes the interior of the accommodation, gardens, front entrance etc. Smoking whilst leaning out of a window is also not permitted. We ask that when you are smoking outside that you follow legal advice and smoke at least five metres away from any entrances or windows (Please observe No Smoking signs on the pillars.). Residents are advised that the University does not permit the use of electronic cigarettes on our premises.

The designated smoking area is outside the reception and to the right side of the building.

GP registration

a pair of glasses on a table

There is an article on Browzer for international students that gives you a few tips on what to do after moving to the UK.

The first tip on the list tell you how to register with the GP. Here is an NHS link to the closest GP practices in Stratford.

Please register with a GP as soon as possible.

We hope that you will enjoy your time at Eleanor Rosa House and please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information