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Residential Life

Estranged and care experienced students

By Adrian 09 Aug 2022

Care Leavers and Estranged Students Guarantee

The Intercollegiate Halls Care Leavers Policy and Estranged Students Policy offers the following guarantees to eligible students:

  • A telephone call from the Warden at your Intercollegiate Hall of Residence, up to two weeks before you arrive, to answer any questions that you may have;

  • The option to pay the deposit for your accommodation in three manageable instalments, with a deadline of final payment by the Friday immediately prior to your arrival;

  • The option for early-arrival at your Intercollegiate Hall of Residence (up to five days before Arrivals Day, which usually falls on the second Sunday of September), free of charge, to help you settle into your new accommodation during a quieter period;

  • Should you choose the option for early-arrival, the Warden, or a designated
    Resident Advisor will meet and greet you at the nearest underground station to
    your Intercollegiate Hall to help you find your Intercollegiate Hall of Residence and personally welcome you. This option must be arranged during the telephone call with the Warden to ensure that a member of the Warden’s Team is available to meet you. Please note that this option will not be available on the University’s main Arrivals Day;

  • The Residential Life Manager (or a designated member of staff in their absence) who will act as the first point of contact and provide specific pastoral and emotional support to care leaver students as required, particularly in the period when they are settling in, signposting students to financial, academic support and further health services as appropriate;

  • 365-day accommodation in an Intercollegiate Hall of Residence for Estranged Students in their first year of full-time study; and if required

  • 365-day accommodation for a further maximum of two years of full-time study in an Intercollegiate Hall of Residence, subject to you having no outstanding debt to the University from the previous year(s).

Please see the full Policy for details and how to apply for these benefits.

Scholarship awards made for 2022-2023

We have awarded our Care Leavers & Estranged Students Scholarships fpr 2022-2023 and regret we cannot accept any further applications for this.

The Scholarship, fully funded by the University of London for up to ten students, provides a standard single study bedroom at Nutford House or an en-suite room at College Hall, free of charge, for one calendar year. 

Opportunity for care experienced students

The CLASS Care Leavers Programme

If you're a care experienced student coming to university for the first time in 2022, you may be eligible to participate in a research study involving enhanced mental health support, physical wellbeing support, and academic support. We are working with the University of Roehampton on this project. 

The programme will examine areas like mental health support, physical well-being, and academic support – for example, learning how to write at an academic standard with the use of critical thinking.

We are looking to speak with prospective students who are beginning university in Sept 2022. To take part, you must be over the age of 18, have accepted an offer from a London based university, and have experienced care within the UK before the age of 18. This programme will include 30 students temporarily living on the University of Roehampton campus from 30th August until 9th Sept to participate in a range of support services specifically created for them. Throughout the academic year there will be monthly sessions to further the students' development and ensure they are fulfilling their potential. If students are unavailable for the 2-week stay on campus we have an alternative option of being involved in the monthly sessions during the year too and being a part of the wider group. 

If you would like more information and to take part, please contact the Project Manager Louise at You can also check the project webpage here.

EaCES Handbook

The Estranged and Care Experienced Students (EaCES) Handbook is a brilliant resource created by current estranged and care experienced students. It offers practical support and guidance on everything from finances to relationships 

This is us

This is us is a student-led community space for estranged young people and care experienced students. It includes on online community on Mighty Networks, a podcast, blogs, and more.

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