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Residential Life

Free STRESS-LESS Mindfulness Meditation Series

By Konrad 23 Feb 2021

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A FREE drop-in-when-you-can online series offering mindfulness meditation sessions twice a week via Zoom! You don’t have to have attended any previous sessions to join! Simply pick the time that suits you and click the zoom link below when it’s time.

The sessions will be led by our Meditation Teacher and former UoL resident, Farah – offering students a chance to relax and take a breather in between the stresses of university life.

The sessions are BEGINNER FRIENDLY and are guided throughout to help take away any anxieties or worries you may have about meditating. Mindfulness Meditation is a practice that works on accepting your thoughts, feelings and sensations as they are – in order to release self-judgement. The sessions focus on bringing more kindness into the way we speak and interact with ourselves internally and are a safe gentle space for you to unwind.

Each session is specifically designed for university life and has a different themed meditation ranging from dealing with university pressure to tapping into self-love, to working with procrastination.

Studies on the ancient practice of Meditation have shown the practice can potentially increase your ability to concentrate, relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety, provide more emotional balance and increase your self-awareness!

Ready to give it a try? The sessions run on Tuesdays at 4pm and Sundays at 10am and last about 40 minutes.

You are welcome to drop in to any of them, previous experience is not required and you can attend any session without having gone to a previous session.” 

Zoom Meeting ID: 391 115 7750 

Topics covered:

  1. 2nd & 7th March - Self-Love
  2. 9th & 14th March - Feeling Lonely in Lockdown
  3. 6th & 21st March - Feeling Overwhelmed
  4. 23rd & 28th March - Calm Your Inner Critic 
  5. 30th March & 4th April - University Pressure
  6. 6th & 11th April - Anxiety Relief
  7. 13th & 18th April - Inner Peace
  8. 20th & 24th April - Overthinking
  9. 27th April & 2nd May - Energy Boost
  10. 4th & 9th May - Confidence
  11. 11th & 16th May - Procrastination
  12. 18th & 23rd May - Releasing Self-Doubt