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How to collect belongings from your room

By Konrad 18 May 2020

If you have departed your hall in recent weeks but were unable to collect your belongings (and have informed us of this), you may be wondering how to collect these items. 

The government has issued guidance to students and universities about collecting belongings from halls HERE (scroll down to Accommodation > Can I collect my belongings from my student accommodation?). This makes it clear that, in England, you are allowed to travel to London and collect your belongings.

Please carefully read the information below before you travel.

If you are collecting your belongings in person 

Email your Hall Management team:

  • International Hall:
  • College Hall:
  • Connaught Hall:
  • Eleanor Rosa House:
  • Garden Halls:
  • Gower Street apartment:
  • Handel Mansions:
  • Nutford House:
  • Lillian Penson Hall:

with the following information: 

  • Your full name 

  • Which Intercollegiate Hall you are a resident of 

  • Your room/flat number 

  • Your mobile telephone number 

  • Date of collection (provide two options if possible, so that we can ensure we manage the collections in a safe manner) 

  • Expected time of arrival at the hall 

  • Full name of nominated individual (family member, friend etc.) or company name of the courier company you are sending to collect your belongings – if applicable. 

The Hall Management team will reply to your email to confirm the date and time you are allocated. 

A reminder for when you/a nominated individual arrives to collect belongings:

  • Before you leave home, remember to bring all necessary packing materials (boxes, suitcases etc.) with you; 

  • Arrive on the exact date and time that you have booked; 

  • Do not bring more than two members of your household to assist you; 

  • Once you arrive, maintain a safe 2m distance from Reception staff; 

  • Collect a sterilised trolley to assist you (subject to availability); 

  • If your hall has a lift, only use the lift with your other household member and not any other persons 

  • You will be able to collect any post we have held for you 

  • When you have emptied and cleaned your room you may wish to put any charity donations, recycling and/or waste in the designated points in your hall; 

  • Return the trolley to Reception and wipe it down with sanitising wipes provided by staff; 

  • Return your key and access card/fob to staff at Reception 

  • Complete the departure form and return it to staff at Reception 

If you need someone else to collect your belongings for you

We understand that you may be unable to collect the remainder of your belongings from your room for reasons out of your control. With that in mind, you may wish to contact the following companies to arrange for them to collect the items on your behalf: 

Please note - that we do not endorse the use of anyone company over another and we strongly recommend that you research these and other service providers before making your own choice about which you would trust to employ. 

Should you no longer wish to collect your belongings and you would like us to dispose of these for you, please ensure that you notify us by email ASAP. We will provide your departure upon receipt of this email.