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Health and Wellbeing

How to... stay fit and healthy

By bzgeorge 24 Sep 2019

Staying fit and healthy at uni can be a challenge when so many people are ordering food from Deliveroo and lounging around watching Netflix...

Try to avoid these traps.

You will feel a lot more energic if you eat your 'five a day' and keep fit and active. Make exercise a part of your routine. It doesn't have to be an intensive gym session - maybe try out the London bikes or walk to your lectures for a change!

1. Keep unhealthy food out of your flat

Sounds obvious, right? But your main source of unhealthy food (chocolate, chips and pizza) will be if you buy it at a grocery shop. This food is expensive, does not nourish your body and makes you feel super groggy. Only keep healthy food in your flat. If you have a sweet tooth, buy some dried fruit or any other natural energy snacks to keep you going.


2. Tips and tricks for buying healthy food

A great way to get your five a day in is to eat stir fry. You can get 3 ready-made stir fry's for £3 at Asda. No chopping or buying lots of different vegetables, just put it in your wok and it will be ready in a few minutes. Fast, healthy and filling!

Another way to buy vegetables cheaply is the discount shelf. Often supermarkets will have a small section reserved in the fridge for items about to go out of date. This is a perfect opportunity to pick some things you wouldn't usually go for; just remember to use it quickly. Many supermarkets in the UK have started a new scheme called "Wonky Veg." They sell boxes of misshapen vegetables for a discounted price. They only do this because of the strict regulations on the size, shape and colour of vegetables sold in British supermarkets.

3. Walk to campus instead of getting the bus

This is a super-easy way to save money on bus fares and to get your exercise in. Depending on how far away your campus is, you can get an hour walk in for the day - and then get the bus or tube the rest of the way. Put your headphones in and listen to a podcast while you walk. An hour walk each day is a great way to stay active without properly working out.


4. At home workouts

Gym memberships in London are expensive. Why not roll out your gym mat in the living room and do an at-home HIIT workout? You can watch tutorials on YouTube or find step by step workouts in recipe books, apps, magazines and online. Get fit in the comfort of your own home without the stress of busy changing rooms, transport and membership prices. 

5. Join the campus gym

If you can't motivate yourself to work out at home, join the campus gym. Students often get a discount here and you can go in between lectures and classes. You could join a few classes and try out some new activities with your mates. If you are into sport, societies will host training sessions and socials in the gym rooms as well. This is a great way to socialise and get fit with your fellow students.


6. Get out and explore the city

Another great way to socialise and get fit is to go and explore the city with some friends. Why not rent a bike around London, go see the tourist sites and get your weekly exercise in? This would be the perfect weekend activity and you will see more of London than you would riding the tube. 

Stay active, eat your five a day and have fun!

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