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It's nearly time... to move in!

By Konrad 06 Sep 2023

Before you know it, moving day will be here!

Feeling nervous? Don't be. It can be a pretty stressful but we've been there and we are here to help.

Follow these tips and you'll be set:

  1. Get all the boring stuff done
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    You'll have paperwork to fill out and all sorts of inductions to go to - don't skip them, they're very important and will make your time at uni run smoothly. Once these are done, you can get on with the fun stuff...
  2. Leave your door open
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    That way when you're unpacking your neighbours will be tempted to introduce themselves, so a great ice-breaker. It may seem simple but it shows your flatmates your friendly and welcoming side. There will be also plenty of events organised in your hall so please make sure you attend them - it will be the perfect occasion to meet your fellow residents.
  3. Unpack ASAP
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    It might take a while but get it done nice and early so your room feels like home and you won't have to come home to boxes and bags lying around. Make the use of Mum or Dad and get them to help before they leave!
  4. Be open-minded!
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    You'll meet people from all backgrounds at university and they might be totally different to you or what you're used to but this is all part of the fun! Don't be nervous to go out and meet people, everyone is in the same situation - even if they seem really confident!
  5. Do a big food shop
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    Ask your parents to take you food shopping when you arrive. That way you save your money and will have full cupboards to last your first few weeks. Get the expensive things then, like alcohol, meat and cheese - trust us, it costs more than you think!
  6. Sort things with your flatmates
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    There will be a few of you sharing your kitchen so make sure you keep it clean and bag yourself a good cupboard and shelf in the fridge! Try coming up with a cleaning rota/routine early on to prevent the washing-up arguments later in the year.

Once these are out of the way and you've settled into your room/flat, the fun stuff can start! University can be some of the best years of your life so make the most of it.

Oh, and FYI: don't worry if you feel homesick´╗┐, that's completely normal! 

Remember that we you're at Intercollegiate Halls of Residence you're never alone. There is a duty Resident Advisor available every evening and all day at weekends and bank holidays, so be sure to talk to them if you feel like you might need someone to listen to you ­čÖé