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Make yourself more employable in 2020

By bzellie 26 Dec 2019

Graduation and employment may feel like a long time away, but trust us, they'll come around quickly!

"I'll think about it near the time" tends to be a regular thought at uni, but preparing yourself for your dream job after graduation can start now. Getting the ball rolling with these simple tips will make your life a little easier once you finish your final year.

Let's get you a few steps closer to securing you a graduate job!

1. LinkedIn profile
LinkedIn is the perfect platform for connecting with professionals in your chosen sector and to get your name out there. Show people what you have achieved and been working on at uni - there are hundreds of professionals on the hunt for fresh-eyed students to join their businesses, so show yourself off.

2. Improve your CV
Ensuring your CV is the best it can be is crucial. Employers will judge your CV straight away, so it's important to highlight all your relevant skills and experiences. Doing this will ensure you stand out from other applicants, but also demonstrate that you are professional and straight to the point.

3. Gain experience
In your final year, you may not have loads of spare time. Completing relevant work experience or placements in your first and second year will help boost your employability and get your foot in the door. Having these professional experiences looks great on your CV and shows that you can juggle uni work and professional experience.

4. Part-time job
Getting a part-time job, whether it's in the relevant field to your career or not, gives you transferable skills that will be beneficial once you graduate. These skills can relate to any job role that you apply for in the future, such as time management, social skills, organisational capability and remaining calm in new environments.

5. Cover letter
In most job applications you will need to submit a cover letter. Being able to create one which you can tailor easily to each job role will make your life a lot easier once you graduate - small tweaks are necessary for each application, so being eagle-eyed is hugely important! Think of your cover letter as a platform where you can bring your CV to life, providing further detail to key projects and experience you have.

6. Volunteer
Volunteering is another great addition to being a hirable candidate. Really think if there is a cause you have a connection to or are passionate about. Volunteering doesn't necessarily have to be related to your dream career, but demonstrating that you have the get-up-and-go to get this experience will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

7. Attend guest speakers
Universities put on numerous events designed to help your employability. If there are guest speaker talks or seminars in your chosen field, attend! If you get the opportunity, speak to them at the end, ask them questions, connect with them on LinkedIn. You never know, they may have opportunities available or know someone who does.

8. Network
Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Look out for relevant networking events at your University or in your local area. Networking events are a great way to get yourself in front of people and get your name out there. Gaining contacts and following up with anyone you have spoken to is extremely important and will help you once you graduate. 

So, grab every opportunity with both hands and get yourself out there!