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Making the most of LinkedIn

By bzellie 13 Feb 2020

LinkedIn, we've probably all heard of it but knowing exactly how to use and make the most of it can be a little confusing. 

So don't worry, we've got the top 10 tips to make sure that using LinkedIn becomes second nature in no time.

1. Profile photo and cover photo
Keep it professional. This means no Snapchat filters on your profile photo and no club photos of you and your friends as your cover photo, save that for Facebook.

2. Headline
This is what others see when they come across your profile, so it is important to make sure you stand out. This should be short and snappy telling people what you do and why they should connect with you.

3. Contact info
Keep your contact details up to date, when you are adding your email address just bear in mind that putting the one you had when you were 13 years old, 'cheeky_monkey_2k10@gmail.com', doesn't look professional.

4. Summary
There are thousands of profiles on LinkedIn, make yours stand out, your summary is the part where you can sell yourself to those reading it. Include your skills, what experience you've got and what you currently do.

5. Current position and experience
Under 'experience', put in all the other previous roles you've had, this can include work experience, volunteering and previous employment, all of which will have transferable skills you can use.

6. Skills & endorsements
Here you can add in all the skills you've gained from previous experiences and endorse skills. Think of 'endorsing' like liking someone's post on Facebook, it's a great way to make connections, plus asking your friends to endorse you will make your profile look even better.

7. Share content 
Being active on LinkedIn is very important, it's all well and good making an account but if you don't use it then there's not much in it. Share content you find interesting and share projects you have completed at University - show off what you can do.

8. Connect with people
Connecting and searching for people just became a whole lot easier, you can search for employees of a company or even search for people via their job title. Connect with those who may be beneficial to you and send them a message telling them why you want to connect.

9. Interview prep
If you have an interview look up the company on LinkedIn, look at what type of content they share, whether you can relate to it and mention it in the interview. Look at the interviewer's profile and see their career journey in the company, showing you've done your research will earn you brownie points. 

10. Remember
It's not Facebook. You don't have to connect with everyone, only connect with those you who will benefit from, otherwise, your news feed won't be relevant. And remember, be professional at all times, you never know who is looking at your profile.

Soon you'll be a LinkedIn pro, it's time to get yourself set up, and start connecting!