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Residential Life

Making the most of your first year at UoL!

By Konrad 07 Oct 2019

1. Attend a Fresher’s Fair

Fresher’s Fair is a unique opportunity to learn about all the societies and clubs your university has to offer. From learning about the Harry Potter society to the Ultimate Frisbee one! Fresher’s Fair will give you the chance to explore which societies you want to join as well as the opportunity to meet fun and interesting people. Oh, and also don’t forget that you’ll come back with a bag full of freebies. 

(Additional tip: Don’t join any society on the spot unless you are 100% sure you want to join it and will make the most of what it has to offer. Most societies will offer you 1-2 free “sessions/ attendances”).

2. Make lots of new friends


Your first year of university will be marked by the incredible new friends in your life; you will meet lots of fun and interesting people. International Hall is great because it will give you the opportunity to meet people from other universities, which might be doing completely different degrees from yours. Another great way of making new friends is through societies; you will find like-minded people and you will have a unique opportunity to socialise with second and third years.

3. Join a society


Societies are great not only because you get to meet lots of new people but also because they give you an opportunity to pursue your hobbies or to explore and find new activities which you never thought you would enjoy. The list of societies is endless as is their content - from 'foodie' societies such as cheese and wine to more academic ones such as the philosophy or debate societies.

4. Join a sports team


Joining a sports team gives you a unique opportunity to keep fit, have fun and meet new people all at the same time. You should not only join a sports team if you are dedicated and distinguished athlete, most if not all sports teams have recreational teams for newcomers or students that are looking for something less intense and more relaxed. Joining a sports team will also give you an opportunity to travel locally or nationally and will introduce you to some fun-fuelled sports nights! 

5. Enjoy what London has to offer


The beauty of London will constantly marvel you and you should make the most of living in London. There are lots of beautiful parks and museums for you to explore free of charge, and there are lots of student deals for plays and musicals. Immerse yourself in Chinatown, find a bargain in Portobello market, explore Shoreditch’s street art or treat yourself to a curry in Brick Lane!

The Warden's Team is here to help you with any issues relating to your personal, hall or Uni life.