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Pack the perfect picnic

By bzellie 06 Jun 2020

´╗┐Seeing as lockdown restrictions have been lifted slightly, it's time to enjoy this sunshine and what better way to do this than with a picnic!

When it comes to picnics you can't go wrong with the classic British selection, so enjoy a taste of nostalgia by packing the perfect al fresco lunch...


Scotch Eggs

two scotch eggs on a chopping board

Is it really a picnic without an egg wrapped in meat and breadcrumbs? Not really. For the vegetarian option, pick up some Quorn scotch eggs!


a piece of quiche with a fork and knife

Always a winner at the family picnic. These bad boys are filling, tasty and are perfect served cold.

Cucumber/ Egg Sandwiches

a sandwiches in a basket

Doesn't really matter what filling you choose, the rule is you have to cut them into triangles, or else!

Mini Pork Pies

lots of pies

Miniature food is a staple picnic essential and pork pies are a classic. Need I say more?

Veggie Pasties / Sausage Rolls

a plate of food pastries

Basically, anything wrapped in pastry gets the green light.

Battenburg Cake

a piece of battenburgh cake sitting on top of a wooden cutting board

Small, compact and tasty! A great alternative to Victoria sponge and you don't have to worry about the fresh cream going all over the place.

Strawberry Tarts

a strawberry tart

Jewels of juicy goodness. Make the most of the British strawberries on offer whilst they're in season (alternatively make a giant bowl of fruit salad!)


Pimm's - Can't go wrong with a pitcher of Pimm's punch, a classic summertime beverage packed with plenty of fresh fruit.

Homemade pink lemonade -  Perfect for the hot weather, refreshing and tastier than any old lemonade. 

Gin & Tonic - Bring a little sophistication to your picnic by sipping a G&T (add a dash of elderflower cordial for extra flavour.)

All that's left to do is grab yourself a red and white gingham blanket, your hamper full of delicious snacks and head off to a greener location (oh and don't forget napkins!)


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