Managing uncertainty during a general election

Posted 1 week ago

Top tips from us and Student Minds charity

Uncertainty is hard for many of us to deal with, and let's face it, things don't get much more uncertain than the possibility of a new government in the country you live in.

This can be the case whether you will, or won't vote in the election today.

Below are some top tips on how to manage uncertainty around the election outcome, and please do reach out to your Residential Advisors or Wardens if you need someone to talk to.

Get involved as much as you're comfortable

Plenty of people love campaigning, advocating, and discussing the general election when it comes around. But if you would rather read up a little on the different party's policies in private, don't feel like you have to participate as publicly as others. You also don't have to engage with the election 100% of the time, you can space out the headspace you give to it to help manage your wellbeing. 

It's also wise to be respectful of how other's might feel at this time, which leads me on to point number two...

Try not to let it consume your time with others

Whilst many of us find it interesting, it's important to not let it take up too much important quality time with our friends and family. If someone clearly wants to change the subject, it's kind to respect that. Equally, keep conversations respectful, especially when challenging views different to your own.

Focus on what you can control

We often may get caught up in worries about 'what ifs', but focusing on what is within your control may help you to manage these emotions and worries. Social media algorithms mean that we may consume a lot of negative information that may make us angry or upset, but we can control how much social media we consume.

Walk away if a conversation feels hostile

Either figuratively or literally remove yourself from a conversation if it becomes uncomfortable or you feel it is at risk of escalating. If you are concerned about someone else's behaviour or conduct in Halls contact your Hall management team or 999 in an emergency in the UK.