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Support during COVID-19

By Adrian 23 Oct 2020

Living through a pandemic is stressful. At different times, you might feel anxious, worried, overwhelmed, sad, guilty, or depressed: all these feelings are understandable and it's ok to have them (it's also ok not to feel any of those things - we all react differently).

Talk with a member of our team if you are struggling with difficult feelings and emotions, and see our resources at

Our Wardens and Resident Advisors are all trained in having safe and supportive conversations about mental health and wellbeing. We have fully trained Mental Health First Aiders in every intercollegiate hall. You may also wish to access support from your university. We have published details for each of the University of London’s member institutions HERE.

Other good sources of wellbeing support include:

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Adrian a medical doctor, the University of London Student Health & Wellbeing Manager, and the Warden of Connaught Hall. He is passionate about advancing equality, diversity, and inclusion. Adrian's interests include fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and insight meditation, medical education, social psychology, and human factors / crisis resource management.
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