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Temporary dining room arrangement (catered halls)

By Konrad 13 Mar 2020

As part of the University's response to coronavirus and in line with Public Health England (PHE) the following changes will apply during meal times at our catered halls.


  • Cutlery will be handed to residents by catering staff;


  • No toast;
  • No spreads in jars (e.g. peanut butter, marmite, honey and chocolate spread);
  • Jam and margarine provided in individual portions (where available);

  • A limited selection of bread and pastries will be served by catering staff; 

  • Choice of two types of cereal (preportioned) served by catering staff;

  • Milk will be served in dispensers or jugs (which will be washed/sanitised between each top-up);

Dinner Service

  • Soup and bread rolls will be served by a member of catering staff;

  • There will be no soup toppings, e.g. croutons, seeds etc.;

  • Side salad will be preportioned and served by a member of catering staff.;

  • There will be no salad dressings;

  • Desserts will be individually portioned

  • Custard will be served by a member of catering staff;


  • No meals (breakfast, dinner, brunch) will be served in the resident's Tupperware/containers. Should you wish to take food to your room, the food will be served in the dining halls' plates/bowls and you will be responsible for transferring it into your own container. Plates/bowls/cups must not be taken to your rooms;

  • Where possible, seconds will be served at dinner, by a member of the catering staff;


  • Juices will be served in individual cartons (where available);

  • Coffee machines will be available for use and will be sanitised during and after meal service;

Sauces and condiments

  • Sauces and condiments will be provided in individual sachets when available (e.g.:ketchup, brown sauce, tartare sauce and vinegar).

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