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The best vegan and veggie eats in London

By bzgeorge 21 Oct 2019

London is one of the best places to eat veggie or vegan.

You will find an abundance of veggie/ vegan restaurants in Shoreditch, Camden Market and Hackney.

There are hundreds with delicious options and even 100% vegan restaurants available. We picked out our favourites with their price tags, website links and Instagram handles. Don't forget, you will often have to make a booking in London joints...

Blue Brick Cafe (East Dulwich)

If a full English breakfast is your thing, this is the brunch spot for you. They serve homemade baked beans, veggie sausages, delicious coffee and much more. Mains range around £7.50 and desserts are £4.50. 

Genesis (Shoreditch)

A vegan favourite among Londoners. Grab hot dogs, tacos or thai - all for under a tenner. 

Club Mexicana (Shoreditch)

Enjoy all things vegan and Mexican in Dinerama. They serve tacos, jackfruit and 'to-fish' (seaweed is used to add a fishy flavour to tofu.) Get two tacos for £7 or 3 for £10.

What the Pitta (Shoreditch, Croydon and Camden)

If you're a fan of kebabs, but no longer eat meat, then this is the one for you. Fill a freshly made pitta with spicey soya pieces, homemade humus, salad and tzatziki. AND it's only £8. 

Young Vegans (Camden Market)

Every Brit loves a good pie. At Camden Market, you can get pies with weird and wonderful fillings. From katsu curry to cheeseburger filling, get a pie for just £7. 

Patty and Bun (Across London)

Try out a veggie burger. Patty and Bun's Portobello "Dig it" mushroom burger is a London favourite. Often served with crunchy coleslaw, garlic parsley butter and tarragon mayo. Most meals are under £10. 

Yorica (Soho)

Got a sweet tooth? Grab an ice cream, which is dairy-free, gluten-free and egg-free at Yorica. You can even get matcha flavour, all for just £4. 

Purezza (Camden)

Is there anything better than a slice of pizza? Have your pick of vegan pizza at Purezza, with homemade mozzarella made from fermented brown rice milk. You can even have an oreo pizza with creamy hazelnut spread, for under £9. 

The Spread Eagle (Hackney)

This is London's first 100% vegan pub. They serve Club Mexicana (as mentioned above) and vegan tequila sours - served with chickpea water rather than egg whites. 

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