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The essential workers keeping your halls open

By Nora 28 Apr 2020

The recent #ClapForOurCarers campaign has been hugely successful across the UK, with civilians raising awareness and recognising the amazing work NHS staff are putting into combatting the coronavirus pandemic. 

As a university student who is staying at halls during the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to make a small post honouring the tremendous effort essential workers have put in the last few weeks in keeping the halls of residence open. Receptionists, security, maintenance, catering and cleaning staff have all played a huge part in helping residents feel comfortable during our stay at halls during this difficult time. We share similar feelings of uncertainty, anxiety and stress with these members of staff, but they have shown tremendous commitment to helping our communities continue to thrive. I feel as though it is important to pay respect and thank these key members of our hall community.

Here are a few things you could do to support them during this time:

Stay at home

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Putting yourself at risk puts the members of your close community at risk too. So please practise social distancing and only make essential trips outside.  

Express your gratitude

This can be done in many ways, but the simplest is just saying thank you to the staff around you. I can guarantee they will appreciate your act of kindness.

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Write a letter or card

Make a cute card expressing your gratitude for the staff in your halls.

Practising Coronavirus kindness can make a big difference in your community. Join me in showing your appreciation for the workers who sacrifice a lot for you!

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