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Top cleaning tips for Freshers

By Konrad 04 Oct 2019

There was a time in our lives when dishes became automatically clean, our clothes had this nice fresh linen smell and the little specs of dirt from the carpet just vanished!

Then, we learned the hard truth.

It wasn't really magic (thanks Dad, thanks Mum!)... Well, living in halls will be magical for many reasons, but definitely not for this one - you'll need to start taking care of yourself from now onwards.

One of the biggest issues when living together is cleaning. Whether you have a catered room or a studio, you will need to share communal spaces with other students so please make sure you leave them in a state in which other people can also enjoy it too. Not just for the sake of health and safety, but also because these spaces are there to do just that, and be enjoyed by every UoL student.

Pantries and shared kitchens

These are tricky. It's difficult for students and for the teams that work in halls to pin the blame on the messy flatmate as they're unable to keep an eye on everyone and  don't have the resources to launch a full investigation! The best solution to this problem is not causing it in the first place. Have a look around after you've finished preparing your food and ask yourself if a person coming in after you would be happy with the state of the kitchen. 

If you haven't finished your meal and would like to save it for later, get yourself a small set of Tupperware boxes, like these ones from Amazon, but you can pick them up from pretty much anywhere. By keeping your pantries and shared kitchens clean, you'll avoid problems that can contribute to unpleasant situations. 

What do I do when it becomes an issue?

This doesn't happen too often, but if the lack of cleaning is persistent and it's starting to bother you, you might need to address it. So how do you go about it? Here are a few pointers:

  • Talking to your flatmates first. Organise a meeting and discuss the situation. It's far better if it first comes from the people who share the pantry/kitchen rather than from someone else.
  • Talk to your Resident Advisor about it. They will help you to approach the situation when it becomes too difficult for you to deal with on your own
  • Have realistic expectations. Sometimes people are in a rush, they oversleep and run out of time to do what they would normally do - it happens to the best of us. So, if it rarely happens, try not to let it bother you too much.

What happens in my room?

This your home for the next year, but it is highly likely to be someone elses in a year's time. Take care of it! The cleaners will remove recyclable rubbish from your room on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so please make it easy for them to do their job.

They will also fully clean your room once every two weeks. However, this shouldn't mean that you just wait for them and don't really care about the cleanliness in your room in the meantime. If your room is deemed to be too dirty by the cleaners, you might get fined and be invited to an avoidable meeting to discuss the situation. Don't get yourself into this mess!

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