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What to do if you have coronavirus symptoms

By Adrian 23 Oct 2020

The symptoms of coronavirus are a new, persistent cough, high temperature, and/or loss/change of your sense of taste/smell. If you are unwell with any one or more of these symptoms, please:

1. Stay in your room.

2. Seek and follow medical advice.

3. Tell us at

4. See the government guidance for self-isolation at

5. Review our guidance for self-isolating in halls: 

6. When you receive your coronavirus test result

  • Tell us the result at
  • AND, between the hours of 8am and 11pm, please also tell a member of our team by phoning reception.

It is important to tell us your test result immediately, because this will guide our decisions about contact tracing and quarantine.

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Adrian is a medical doctor, the University of London Student Health & Wellbeing Manager, and the Warden of Connaught Hall. He is passionate about advancing equality, diversity, and inclusion. Adrian's interests include fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and insight meditation, medical education, social psychology, and human factors / crisis resource management.
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