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Why my sports team made university amazing...

By bzbeth 01 Jul 2019

At the University of London, there are SO many opportunities presented to you once you arrive and start getting involved in life in London...

One of those is the number of sports teams you can join and get involved with!

How does it all work?
Well, sizes of sports societies vary depending on the sport and the team itself; there are lots of different leagues you can join, including some social leagues that are totally non-competitive. When I started university, I joined the volleyball team and it’s the only society I have kept up with since Freshers Week and one of the best things I ever did at university!

Here are 4 reasons why joining a sports team has made my university experience amazing, and could be the same for you:

  1. It’s a fresh start. 
    If you weren’t sporty before starting university, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t enjoy a sport. I wasn't classed as sporty in school because I was never very competitive but once I moved to uni, my friends see me as sporty all because I joined a social sport team!

    Netball Sport GIF
  2. You could find your hidden talent or passion.
    There are so many different types of sport on offer at university from netball and lacrosse to tennis and dance. With every sport, there are different leagues and levels of ability. At the social league level, there are different systems depending on your university.
  3. Get fit.
    Before I went to uni I just didn't enjoy exercise. It's that simple. I hated being on my own in a gym and was always intimidated by team sport however once I found a team that was supportive and encouraging, I didn't spend that much time thinking about 'exercising'. I definitely don’t count down the minutes of a netball match as I do on a treadmill...

    Lazy Homer Simpson GIF
  4.  Make some amazing friends.
    I have met some amazing people through my sports team and another great thing is that you get the opportunity to meet people across different year groups who you'd never meet otherwise. Once you’ve built up strong team spirit and bond by playing together every week and have things in common, it’s a really nice thing to have!

Joining a social league is a brilliant way to gain confidence, practice and make some great friends! So, if you’re wanting to join a team that competes against other universities, keep an eye out for sports clubs during Welcome Week OR get a sneak peek on the Student Central website NOW!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re first or third year, whether it’s September or March. Go for it!