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a person going down an escalator with shopping bags


Your Guide to shopping in Stratford!

By Konrad 10 Sep 2020

Would you like to know where to go to buy some milk? Or a t-shirt? Or where to do your shopping for the whole week? We've got you covered! Have a look below and this will answer all your questions!

The closest shop (small, but literally a minute away)

This is perfect for those emergencies when you made yourself a bowl of cereal and only then you realised that you don't have milk (don't steal your flatmate's!). You can quickly pop into this shop even in your PJs!

This is their Google Maps page, but take the opening times with a pinch of salt... It's best not to rely on it for your late-night emergencies!

The closest supermarket (for bigger needs)

So what if it's not just milk, but also cereal (seriously?)? And what if you want to have a bit of choice which cereal it should be... And a croissant? And some nice orange juice... Ok, Ok... stop yourself because in a moment you might have to decide to spend all your monthly allowance! :) A local Tesco will be perfect for last-minute shopping needs. 

Here it is on the map and it's open from 6:00 - 23:00.

Good old shopping street!

This video tutorial will take you to Stratford Centre but you will also see all the shops around it! Check out the area on Google Maps and you will see there's a lot to explore: a local Wilko (for all your household needs, cheap and cheerful), Morrison's (another supermarket), few coffee shops and restaurant. 

In the Stratford Centre, you will find Poundlound, Lidl, Iceland, Sainsbury's, Boots, Superdrug, a few coffee shops, banks and many market stalls just like in all good old fashion shopping centres :)

Westfield - the king of shopping experience in Stratford!

This is a sort of place where you'll need a map and a video tutorial not just how to get to it, but how you get around it! It's big... In fact, this is the 4th biggest shopping centre in the UK and definitely the biggest in East London. 

We're pretty sure that you will find any shop you like in there, but just in case if you'd like to plan your visit, check their website.

They don't like people filming inside the shopping centre so the video will take you just to its doorstep, keep on walking and you'll get there - you won't be able to miss it, even if you tried!

And how about a Post Office

You're not fooling anyone! We know you're not into old fashion modes of communication, you just want to find it to return this Amazon delivery that you thought you wanted :) Oh well, there's no better place to do it! The closest Post Office is right next to Stratford Centre and it's not even 5 minutes walk from ERH. 

Now, all that's left...