Fitness fads to avoid this January

Posted 3 months ago

A new year means a new you, right?

As cliché as it is, we know that it happens year upon year so it's only right that we support you and your goals to become a better version of yourself - that's pretty much what we ALL want to do anyway.

Indulged in food and drink over Christmas? Feeling a bit bloated? Don't feel comfortable in your clothes anymore? These are all signs that you need to get back to being healthy again after the holidays BUT you should do this naturally. A lot of 'get fit quick' schemes are the opposite of healthy and won't help, such as:

1. Detox teas

Celebrities like the Kardashians and Geordie Shore stars are guilty of promoting products like this. They claim to be teas that you drink for 14 days that will make you less bloated and 'skinny quick' but it isn't good for you. A liquid diet will never be as good for you as a balanced diet of protein, fruit, vegetables etc.

2. Waist trainers

Another thing that's constantly promoted by celebrities on social media, but should be avoided. They are known to be effective and people see results but because people wear them so tight they end up damaging their ribs and even their organs long-term. It may take you slightly longer to get a smaller waist without one, but what would you prefer?

3. Giving up carbs

You may have read that a carb-free diet will help you lose weight quickly and this is true - BUT not without some nasty side effects. By removing carbohydrates from your diet, you will lose weight fast but as soon as you even look at a grain of rice, you pile the weight back on! Ok, seriously, once you introduce carbs back into your diet, you'll gain weight very quickly. By all means, cut back a bit but don't cut them out completely.

4. Juicing

This is another food replacement fad that we suggest you avoid! A juice cleanse involves drinking 3 or 4 juices a day (and eating nothing else) for a week or two. You're bound to lose weight because you aren't eating anything, but you will be extremely exhausted and unwell because you aren't getting the necessary nutrients - that's not ideal during exam season, is it?

5. Generic meal plans

Some Insta-famous personal trainers sell meal plans for around £20 which may sound like an absolute bargain BUT if these aren't tailored to you, it's pointless. If you haven't shared your BMI, lifestyle and goals with this person, don't purchase their meal plan because it might not be suitable. It could result in you having less energy and being unwell because you're eating less than your body requires.

The best option here is to do it the 'old-fashioned way' of eating a healthier diet and working out 3 or 4 times a week for about 12 weeks until you start to see results. With around 3 months under your belt, you'll be so used to the lifestyle!

New year, new you... remember?