Don't let the weather rain on your wellbeing...

Posted 3 weeks ago

Top tips for boosting your mood on rainy days

Rain in London shouldn't be a surprise, but it can present a challenge for those of us who get a wellbeing boost from being outside.

Whether you enjoy running around some of London's parks, walking along the bustling streets or getting out in nature, rain can put a damper on many of these wellbeing activities. See below for some alternative tips to boost your mood during these grey days.

Cosy up with a good book

It doesn't have to be a big academic text, or even a lengthy non-fic, just find a good book that you can lose yourself in for a little while, and forget about the weather outside.

Make time for some self-care

You know that thing we might always be too busy to do? Yep, now is a great time to get it done if you don't want to face the rain.

Self-care for many can look like face masks and other skin care, but for others it can be something as simple as ticking an item that's been on our to-do list for a little while. When better to get it done than on a rainy day?

Practice yoga or some meditation

If you still want some movement in your day, try some yoga or simple stretching - you can search many tutorials online. Even gentle exercise is far better for us than sitting sedentary all day.

Equally, you could take this time to practice some meditation - and you won't need that peaceful rain sounds playlist when you've got the real thing!

Connect with friends

If you're feeling low because of the weather, it's likely other friends in the area will be too. Give them a call, or arrange to meet up in one of the area's many cosy coffee shops and cafes. Perfect for a rainy day catch-up!

Or...don't let the rain stop you!

Some of us may just be itching to get outside anyway. Dress appropriately, take an umbrella, be careful of your surroundings in the wet weather and do what you need to do to still enjoy your time outside.

Have a think of other tips to look after yourself during this rainy period, and remember that the sun will be back soon :)