What to do in an emergency

Posted 5 months ago

Simple but effective

We hope your stay at Intercollegiate Halls of Residence is as carefree as possible (minus an occasional last-minute assignment submission frenzy – we’ve all been there…).

However, if you find yourself in an emergency situation we want to make sure you know what to do, especially if you’re coming to the UK from abroad.

The national emergency number is 999 – this will connect you to an operator who will ask you a simple question: “Which service do you require? Fire, Police or Ambulance?” You can then let them know who you want to speak with. Dialling 112 will connect you to the same call centre.

These two numbers (999 and 112) are for potentially life-threatening emergencies only. If you are in the hall when you call emergency services please let the reception/resident advisor/warden know – this is to direct the emergency services to your room as soon as they arrive.

Stay safe!