Connaught Hall Tour: Connaught Cribs

Posted 1 week ago

Hi everyone, welcome to Connaught Hall!

Connaught Hall Tour: Connaught Cribs

Here our 5 Resident Advisors/RAs (in order of appearance - Ryan, Tara, Miranda, Rebecca, and Barkha) take you on a tour of Connaught in the style of MTV Cribs, we hope you enjoy :)

If you have any questions feel free to ask on the Discord or ask us when you arrive in Connaught, not just now but anytime in the year.

Check out CampusLife where we will be uploading the events for the first couple of weeks soon, as well as to see updates for things throughout the year, both in Connaught and UOL generally, or for general blogs, videos, and posts about getting ready for university in London:

We look forward to meeting all of you~ 

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