We’ve Listened and Acted on Your Feedback

Posted 1 month ago

Intercollegiate Halls survey

In October and November of 2023, we invited residents of our halls to share their thoughts through our arrival and satisfaction survey. Each response was carefully analysed to understand where we could enhance your residential experience. Here’s what you shared with us and the steps we’re taking to improve. 


For some areas, we are tied into existing contracts, so for those we are looking to renegotiate or change suppliers – unfortunately not something that can happen immediately, but we have set the wheels in motion. 

Laundry Facilities

Residents at International Hall, Garden Halls, and Eleanor Rosa House expressed the need for expanded or improved laundry facilities. We are developing plans for these enhancements, which are slated for implementation in the 2025 academic year, when our existing contracts end. 

WiFi Connectivity

At Nutford House, concerns were raised about WiFi strength and stability. In response, we are reviewing our WiFi services in a major infrastructure project. Residents reporting any problems is important for us to monitor the issues that arise and we have placed posters in common areas to help you report any WiFi problems.  

Bathroom Facilities

At International Hall, the moderate satisfaction ratings for bathrooms indicated a need for updates due to the age of facilities. In another major project, we aim to schedule a phased refurbishment over the next five years. Similarly, at Nutford House, where the facilities' quality was noted, we aim to review bathroom updates in 2025 in the adjoining buildings Annex and Seymour Place.

Elevator Service at Garden Halls

We are actively seeking a new maintenance provider to improve the reliability of the elevator service starting in the 2024/25 academic year.

Residential Life

Social Integration

Challenges in forming friendships were particularly noted in some halls. We are adapting our residential life programmes, with Hall Wardens receiving bespoke objectives to enhance community engagement based on recent data.

Student Leadership

We heard your requests for more leadership opportunities within the halls. Starting in the 2024/25 academic year, a student committee will be formed to advise on community engagement strategies. This year, we are also launching interest-based societies to provide more leadership opportunities.

Communal Spaces

Feedback on the condition of communal areas highlighted a need for refurbishments. Upgrades are planned for communal spaces at Nutford House, Connaught Hall, International Hall and College Hall this summer.

Mental Health Resources

Uncertainties about mental health support availability were brought to our attention. We’ve responded by introducing Mental Health Ambassadors who facilitate workshops and enhanced our online content here on CampusLife to better communicate the support services available.


We are currently renegotiating our entire catering contract for the halls, which will allow us to make big changes, based on your feedback. The new contract will start this summer. Meanwhile, these changes will be coming earlier than the summer:

Menu Variety

The call for more diverse menu options has been heard. We’ve already refreshed our menu to better align with your preferences and will continue to review our offerings regularly. Expect new and exciting themes during our monthly special dining events.

Healthy and Vegetarian Options

The demand for healthier, vegetarian, and vegan options has led us to highlight our salad bar and fruit offerings. More vegetarian choices will be available from our May menu refresh: there will be a trial of two vegetarian choices and one meat or fish choice on two days per week (we currently do this on Mondays only). We will monitor uptake of this new offer and adjust accordingly. 

Meal Portions and Availability

Concerns about portion sizes and food availability at the end of service times were noted. We are adjusting our production plans to ensure a consistent supply of meals, and seconds will continue to be offered when available, at breakfast, brunch, and dinner.