Our Social Wellbeing Campaign is coming!

Posted 2 weeks ago

Keep your eyes peeled...

Social Wellbeing Campaign running 3rd-9th June!

Next week will see our campaign for Social Wellbeing - one of eight key elements of managing your overall wellbeing.

You can expect to see us posting often about the benefits of maintaining good social wellbeing, including tips on how to do just that, too!

Learn more about the eight elements of wellbeing here: Wellness Wheel Activity | Headspace

This is all ahead of National Best Friends day, next Saturday 8th June. So, gather up your mates and get into the spirit of social connectedness ahead of time.

You could even check out some of the events going on in the Halls to meet new people, or hang out with your friends.

What could you do to show some kindness to others this week, and build our social connections?

a group of people walking