Staying safe in London

Posted 6 months ago

Key tips you should follow

We know it should be all about enjoying yourself and having fun while you are studying. And it will definitely be about that! And studying itself (don't forget about it... duh!).

But to make it as pleasurable and easy sailing as possible, it's good to remember to enjoy yourself responsibly and know how to stay safe. Because let's be honest, things can happen anywhere and anytime, and by making you aware of them, you'll have the right information to prevent putting yourself in situations you would like to avoid.

Keep your phone safe

Everyone has a smartphone these days and often it can cost more than a laptop! Even with the latest security measures that the smartphone makers introduce and can render phones useless when it's stolen, it doesn't stop thieves from trying their luck - and you shouldn't make their "job" easier.

Protect your phone with a passcode and make sure it's required immediately after locking the phone.

Note your IMEI number and keep it somewhere safe. Send yourself an email with it! And to find out what it is just type *#06# on your phone dial.

Read the Met Police's tips on phone safety. It has more info about phone safety (of course) and things to watch out for when you're on the go.

And also, just simply watch where you're walking :)

Don't forget to lock your bicycle

Cycling is a great way of getting around London! No need to wait for a bus or be stuck on a hot underground train. There are plenty of bike schemes that let you rent a bike anytime you need and drop it off at one of the docking stations (or just leave it anywhere - they are called floating bikes) where you don't have to worry what happens with it. Things change when it is your bike.

Check this article from the Met Police about how to keep it safe.

London's nightlife is something that you will definitely want to explore. Clubs, bars, pubs, pop-ups, immersive theatre experiences... All of it and more. But to make sure you enjoy the night from the beginning right till the very end remember about these tips:

  1. Never be left alone - safety is indeed in numbers. If you go out with your friends, make sure you stay as a group.
  2. When going back home alone book a taxi, you'll be dropped off right by your front door. Never get into a cab that hasn't been prebooked! 
  3. Drink in moderation - it's sometimes easier said than done, but it's a very good piece of advice... Will cost you less in terms of cash, stress and headaches :)

Have a look at this article that has more info on how to stay safe when you're on a night out.

Resident's Insurance

As a resident of Intercollegiate Halls of Residence, your items are covered inside your room against fire, flood and theft by Endsleigh Insurance. Check the Insurance Certificate to see what's covered and what's not.