Happy Spring! Celebrating Renewal at Easter

Posted 3 weeks ago

New beginnings and fresh flavours

With the days getting longer and a spring breeze in the air, the Easter vacation is upon us! Whether you celebrate Easter religiously or simply enjoy the spring vibes, it’s a time to reflect on themes of renewal, hope, and new beginnings.


Think about it – after the dormancy of winter, nature explodes back to life in spring. Flowers bloom, trees sprout new leaves, and baby animals emerge. This season mirrors the idea of personal renewal. Have you been feeling burnt out? Maybe this break is a chance to recharge, explore a new hobby, or reconnect with loved ones.

New Beginnings

Many cultures around the world celebrate the start of spring with new year traditions. Consider this your personal new year! Is there a skill you’ve been wanting to learn? A project you’ve been putting off? Easter can be your springboard to jump into something fresh and exciting.


Spring’s arrival signifies the triumph of life over dormancy. It’s a reminder that even in the face of challenges, there’s always the potential for growth and optimism. Maybe you’re facing a tough exam or a difficult decision. Easter can be a time to believe in yourself and your ability to overcome obstacles.

Celebrating Together (or Alone)

Whether you’re surrounded by family and friends or enjoying some well-deserved me-time, take some time to appreciate this beautiful season. Here are some ideas:

  • Get Outside: Soak up the sunshine (hopefully it peeks through the London clouds!), have a picnic in a park, or explore a new part of the city.
  • Spring Clean: Physically tidying your space can mirror a mental refresh. Declutter your desk, organise your notes, or simply take a long walk to clear your head.
  • Embrace New Flavours: Spring brings a bounty of fresh produce. Try a new recipe, visit a farmers market, or experiment with seasonal ingredients. If you're in catered halls, why not try a selection from our daily fresh salad bar?

No matter how you choose to celebrate (or not celebrate) Easter, take a moment to appreciate the changing seasons and the potential for renewal within yourself.

Happy Spring, everyone!