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Residential Life

A welcome note from the Nutford House Warden

By Konrad 05 Sep 2019


Whether new to the Hall or a returning student, we look forward to welcoming you to Nutford House for the coming year.  

You will have received a communication from the central University of London team highlighting a couple of actions required ahead of your arrival, referring you on to induction information and the handbook for halls. More immediately, it would be great if you could:

Join the residents’ Facebook site, initially to talk to others prior to arrival. In due course the site will be used to publicise events, allow you to organise groups to pursue shared interests and to post pictures from events as they occur;

Add to your diary the date of the initial Welcome Reception in Hall, which will be at 7.30 pm on Sunday 15thSeptember, at which point we’ll try and set the scene for your year ahead in hall.

And finally, what should you expect on arrival? This depends in part when you decide to arrive. Your contract has a start date of Sunday 15thSeptember, your College term dates range from mid-September to early October and most of you have commitments and travel complications that mean you can arrive any time in that month. To try and ensure you feel welcome whenever you arrive we:

  • Have 24 hour receptionists, who are there to help with immediate questions and direct you to your room;
  • Arrange that I and the Resident Advisors – who are students – are available throughout the day over the main arrival weekend;
  • Try and personally welcome those who arrive outside those core periods, checking on who is arriving and trying to contact you on our return to hall: but please remember we are not in hall during the day and often you are out of an evening;
  • Provide refreshments in main Common Room in hall 10.00 -17.00 on Sunday 15thSeptember. This allows you to: “park” parents/partners/ helpers, if you need time to unpack in quiet; have concerns or questions answered; and have refreshment, whether you have travelled ten or ten thousand miles; 

We organise a whole series of events to help you meet fellow residents and orientate yourself as quickly and early as possible around London. Central London provides opportunities for everyone - be it music, sport, theatre, culture, ethnic diversity, history or food – and at every price. We want to ensure you know where to look and what might be available so that you maximise the opportunities of living so centrally. A full list will appear on the Facebook page and be posted in hall closer to your arrival date.

Do read the handbook, do ask questions on the site and do link up on the site ahead of arriving. What is organised in hall over the year is largely down to you: a social committee is appointed early in the year, so think both about how you might want to get involved and what you want to do in London. We’ll provide support and advice, but events need to reflect your interests, not ours.

At whatever point we meet up with you, welcome and we hope you have a great stay in the Hall. 


Paul Phibbs, Hall Warden