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A welcome note from the Warden

By Adrian 24 Aug 2019

Welcome to Connaught Hall! Your journey so far has brought you to one of the best universities and most exciting, diverse cities in the world. You have some wonderful achievements behind you, and I am sure there are many more ahead.

All of us on the team here at Connaught Hall are so pleased to be welcoming you, and we are all looking forward to getting to know you. It is our sincere hope that Connaught Hall will be a safe, warm and welcoming home for you, a friendly hub in the heart of London, where you are able to give full expression to this next stage of your life.

You can help us by letting us know if things aren’t going the way you had hoped – whether that’s because of something we could be doing better here in Hall, or because you would like some extra support facing any other difficulties that arise through the year – whether in Hall, college, personal, family, or social life. Our promise to you is that we will always listen and support you if we can, or direct you to another appropriate professional if they could help more effectively.

Our Hall Manager, Hafsi Bakari, and her team work tirelessly to ensure our facilities are kept in good order. If there’s a problem with your room or any of the shared facilities in Hall, or if you have any administrative requests like a letter to prove your address, contact the Hall Management team by email at info.connaught@london.ac.uk or just call into the office on the ground floor during their published office hours.

My team of Resident Advisors and I are here to support you with any personal or wellbeing concerns, to promote a tolerant and positive community life in Hall, and to help with resolving any disputes or disagreements (including problems with noise). If you’d like to discuss anything like this, you can approach us any time you see us around the Hall (we all live here and usually eat in the dining hall) or visit adrianclark.as.me to see how to schedule time for a private chat.

For many people, university is one of the best and happiest times of their life. But it’s not always plain sailing – and sometimes things can get tough. It’s OK to not be OK. Just promise to yourself today that if you find you’re struggling with anything, you will tell someone and ask for help. If you’re able, help support your friends through their hard times, too.

There is always someone available to help at Connaught Hall. If you need urgent assistance, telephone or go to the reception desk and ask them to contact the person on duty.

Save the number for reception in your contacts now: 020 7664 2047.

If there is a serious emergency, remember the UK emergency services number is 999.

We don’t deal with room swaps, deposits, or accommodation fees at Connaught Hall. These are managed by central teams at the University of London. For room swaps and contract issues, you’ll need to get in touch with the Accommodation & Hospitality team at info.halls@london.ac.uk. For fees and deposits, it’s the Accommodation Finance team at ahd.finance@london.ac.uk

We have lots of events and activities organised over the first few weeks of term, to help you settle in, get to know people in the Hall, and learn your way around the local area. We will publish details of our social programme in the second week of September. Join our Facebook group for updates (facebook.com/groups/connaughthall20192020). 

From early October, we will be looking for people like you to contribute to the life of the Hall and organise social events for the rest of the year. I hope you will consider making whatever contributions you can to build and strengthen our diverse, friendly community and shape this year in Hall to be the way you want it.

Please come and talk to the Hall Management staff, Resident Advisors and me at our welcome events. We really want to get to know you. And tell us if there’s anything we can do to improve your experience now or any time through the year.

With my warmest regards

Warden (Connaught Hall) and
Student Health & Wellbeing Manager (University of London)

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Adrian is a medical doctor, the University of London Student Health & Wellbeing Manager, and the Warden of Connaught Hall. He is passionate about advancing equality, diversity, and inclusion. Adrian's interests include fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and insight meditation, medical education, social psychology, and human factors / crisis resource management.
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