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Amali's Blog: Bloomsbury on a budget!

By bzellie 15 Nov 2019

I've done some exploring, for the best (student-friendly) things to do around Bloomsbury and thought I'd share these with you...

1. Russell Square (the garden square not the tube station)
Russell Square is a fantastic place to spend time in during the summer – many enjoy reading, chatting, picnicking or sunbathing. However, this wonderful green space in the heart of Bloomsbury shouldn’t be forgotten just because it is now approaching winter. Although the temperature is colder than I would like, I would recommend making the most of the occasional sunny day to spend some time in the park with a hot drink. Any opportunity to get some vitamin D and fresh air is welcome!

2. The British Museum
Students living in UOL halls close to the British Museum are incredibly lucky; we have the chance to spend as much or as little time as we want in this museum without worrying about transport or entry costs. In addition to the extensive permanent collection which features mummies and the Rosetta stone, the museum also offers one hour tours. These tours are free and are a way of discovering new things about the objects on display – also handy if you would rather listen to someone summarise key points instead of having to read through a chunk of information! The guides are knowledgeable and try to make the tours entertaining.

3. Waterstones (on Malet Street)
This bookshop is a treasure trove for many avid readers. Even if a student budget prohibits the purchase of any new books, it is still enjoyable to wander around inside browsing the collection on offer. There is also a café (with a student discount) and a selection of second-hand books. Book groups are also held monthly offering the opportunity to discuss a book over a drink.

4. Bowling
Kingpin Suites is an entertainment venue that has bowling, indoor cricket, karaoke and ping pong. It also has a bar. The ability to try out different indoor activities could make this a perfect venue for socials in colder months. All Star Lanes Holborn focuses on bowling, as the name suggests, and has some great deals for drinks, dining and bowling all in one.

5. Art exhibitions
The Brunei Gallery at SOAS hosts temporary exhibitions that are free to the public. The Strang Print room at UCL also hosts exhibitions. The Wellcome Collection has a different focus: it considers the interaction between medicine and art. Exhibitions usually have an interactive element. Currently, there is an exhibition on the importance of play (featuring a swing!).

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