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Health and Wellbeing

Could you do without the hangover?

By bzellie 01 Jan 2020

A lot of us will hear the clock strike midnight on January 1st with a sudden feeling of empowerment. Out with the old and in with the new - right?

We give ourselves new targets and things to change, only to break them 2 days later when we can no longer ignore that Dominos craving or burning desire for a glass of vino...

It's hard to keep healthy resolutions going when people around are breaking them left, right and centre - if they've even started them.

But what about making a change along with thousands of others to keep you motivated and on the path to healthier living?

Thousands of people take part in Dry January every year working towards a common goal - to give up alcohol for a whole month. Whether you want to cut down your alcohol intake all together, want to save some money, become healthier or just want to challenge yourself, there are so many people and organisations encouraging you to keep going the month will fly by!


"But why would I want to?" The question so commonly asked...

  • Strapped for cash? 
    With Christmas been and gone your wallet might feel a little bare. Even your loan drop might not help you climb out of that hole we like to call the overdraft. But Dry January is wallet-friendly.
  • Melancholy mood
    It's probably not the end of festivities that's done it...just the culmination of headaches after all those parties and late nights...So why not enjoy a month of smooth sailing? 
  • Those holiday pounds
    That you never actually lose - so the year after you aim to lose double and...yep, same again, endless cycle. But giving up alcohol helps cut those calories. Find out how many you could save here.
  • Sleep tight
    Sinking the shots might be great for taking you to the land of nod quicker than you can say 'down it' but alcohol interrupts deep sleep. When it wears off, your body goes into REM sleep - much easier to wake from, making for a restless nights sleep and waking up completely exhausted.
  • Can't stop me
    Refraining from drinking alcohol will give you more energy to get things done - Essays? Revision? Catching up on your favourite series?
  • Healthy and happy
    It might also help you deny yourself those regrettable 3am cheesy chips decisions. Those 'teenage' spots you're still getting even though you're 21? This might be the cause - along with all the sugary alcohol.
  • Zero to hero
    Make it through the month and it'll give you that sense of achievement to show that you can conquer just about anything! Ditch the Dairy Milk for a month? Ok, too far..
  • A fresh outlook
    Whether you enjoy a glass of wine on a weeknight or sinking down the pints at the weekend, the month off will show you that not every drink you have is absolutely necessary. You might even find you prefer to go out without clinging to your cup...
  • More health benefits?!
    Not only will you look better, but a month off alcohol has been found to control blood pressure and glucose levels - along with cholesterol! You might not feel it now but in a few years, you'll thank us.

So, Dry January has its health benefits, its monetary benefits, its mind benefits...and you might even learn a thing or two about yourself. Maybe you're more sociable than you thought!

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