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Health and Wellbeing

Creating a positive study space in your room

By bzbeth 30 Oct 2022

Soon, deadlines and exam dates will be very close.

Which means that your studying may start getting more intense!

We're aware that most of our students choose to study in their rooms - it's where they feel most comfortable and it means that they can power through their work without having to stop at any inconvenience.

But how do you create a positive study space? Because you can study anywhere but it needs to be productive. To make your space the best it possibly can be, be aware of the following...


You don't want your room to be warm, otherwise, you'll get sleepy and switch off. If you have a window, leave it open or open it every so often to get a flow of fresh air into the room. This will keep you cool, alert and ready to learn! 


Try to avoid studying on/in your bed if you can. Instead, take your laptop and any notes/books to your desk and sit there for the day. Keep your desk chair at a good height so that you're not tempted to slouch or hunch. Remember to get up from your desk regularly, even if you go to the kitchen for a drink or stretch your legs walking around your room.

Light level

It's always best to study in natural light. This will be more difficult in winter months and even more so if you're a night owl but lamps and other bright lights can be harsh on your eyes and cause headaches after a long time.


Declutter as much 'stuff' from your desk that you can before you start studying or you're likely to find yourself getting distracted by things that are lying around. You might want to give your room a quick tidy around too - you generally study better when you're in a clean and tidy space.


Staying hydrated and nourished is really important. Otherwise, your brain will switch off and care more about what it's eating/drinking next rather than the work you're focusing on. Aim to drink at least 2 litres of water throughout the day, but drinking out of a glass instead of a bottle so that you're more inclined to get up every so often. 

Good luck with your studies!