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Decorating your second year house on a budget

By bzellie 24 Jul 2020

We all know that typical student houses aren't going to be your dream home, but making it somewhere you love is so important. So we've got some great budget-friendly purchases that will definitely help spruce up your home.

*You will probably need to check your contract about decorating and hanging things on walls* 

1. Bedding

Having nice bedding is a great starting point to decorate your bedrooms nicely. Having lighter bedding will make your room feel bigger and brighter, there are so many to choose from you'll be spoilt for choice.

a bedroom with a bed and a bedside table

2. Rugs

Adding a rug to your bedroom or lounge can help add texture to your room, especially if you have laminate flooring. We've picked out some rugs that would be perfect for these and also a hall runner if you wanted to go that extra step.

a living room filled with furniture and a rug on the floor

3. Cushions and throws

Cushions and throws are great to add that pop of colour and brightness to your house.

The best way to get cushions on a budget is to buy the cushion and the cover separately, IKEA sell a cushion for £1, yes £1!!! Then you can buy the cushions covers for as cheap as £2, have a look as there are loads of colours to choose from.

a bed with cushions and flowers

4. Lamps

Additional lighting can really help brighten a room and can help to create a relaxing environment. You don't want to have to choose between having the main ceiling lights on or sitting in the dark, we've picked some floor lamps and table lamps that would be perfect.

a lamp on a table

5. Fairy lights

On the subject of lights, fairy lights can help transform a room and create a cosy space.

a close up of a lights

6. Bathroom decor

It can be hard to know how to decorate a bathroom but adding these few items can make all the difference.

a bathroom

7. Artificial plants

You may not have thought to add some greenery to your house but artificial plants not only look good but are hassle-free as you don't have to worry about watering them, win-win!

You can get some really cheap artificial plants and plant pots from IKEA so check them out.

a vase filled with flowers sitting on a table

8. Picture frames

Make your student house feel like home with pictures of your friends and family. If you're allowed to hang pictures on the walls you could get some cheap prints or free sample wallpaper and put them in picture frames - simple.

a woman sitting in a bed

You don't have to spend loads of money, look in charity shops and see what they've got, people are bound to have donated loads of homeware during lockdown so this is the perfect place to start. Plus, if you move house for 3rd year you can take your items with you, think of it as an investment!

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