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Help us improve your Wi-Fi in halls

By Adrian 22 Feb 2023

In our recent satisfaction survey, some of you told us that the Wi-Fi connection in halls isn't always as good as you would like it to be – so we want to make it better, and you can help!

Report, report, report...

If you experience any issues with Wi-Fi connection speed, reliability, or coverage in your hall, please call the IT service desk on 020 7862 8111 (09:00 – 17:00, Monday to Friday) or email

Let the team know about every frustration or friction point that you experience

If everyone can do this, we'll build a comprehensive picture of what you expect from Wi-Fi in halls and where we might be falling short. And any issues can be rectified now and for the longer term. 

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Adrian is a medical doctor, the Student Health & Wellbeing Manager at the University of London and the Warden of Connaught Hall, where he has lived for more than 25 years.
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