Residential Life

How to balance your student life...

By bzellie 11 Mar 2020

Your student life vs. your non-student life... who wins?

One of the hardest things about university is balancing all the different factors that student life throws at you whilst trying to maintain a strong social life and looking after yourself.

That's why we are here - to make everything a bit easier and give you some advice to help juggle everything on your plate:


Your workload will be different throughout the year but it's best to always stay on top of it! Yes, that is sometimes easier said than done but little and often is something we live by. You might have learnt from your exam periods that cramming doesn't really work and just stresses you out.

Our advice? Have a revision and coursework timetable so you're very clear what you're doing and when.


If you're low on cash and time, this doesn't mean you have to skip exercising. There are more than enough workouts you can do from home that fit perfectly with your lifestyle so that it doesn't feel like a chore!

Our advice? Buy a cheap resistance band or kettlebells and find something on YouTube you do can in less than 30 minutes at home.

Social life

No matter how busy you are, you NEED to set aside time for your friends and have a break from the university bubble. Try to stick to a regular thing so that you know you always have something to look forward to once a month/fortnight. 

Our advice? Invite people to yours for a meal, have a movie night at home or bring your clothes together and have a swapsies night. They're all cheap and fun!

Family time

Being away from home can be hard at times but there will be so many people feeling the same way. It's important to spend quality time with your family, whether you go home for a weekend or they come and visit you at university, talking to them about your work and what you've got on will help relieve any stresses.

Our advice? If you can't go visit them easily, keep in contact with them on a regular basis, even if its a text message or a facetime every once in a while, this is bound to boost your mood and settle your mind.

If you're ever struggling with your workload and just need a bit of weight of your shoulders, contact the universities Support Services..