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How to survive a typical British Winter

By Konrad 30 Nov 2023

Winter is here but there's nothing to fear!

Don't let the cold get you down this season, it's the perfect time to get cosy. Whether you love to go on pretty Winter walks or prefer to stay inside with a hot chocolate, there's so many ways you can stay toasty when it's frosty outside.

Here's our guide on how to survive a typical Winter in the UK...

1. Layers, layers, layers

Extra hoodies, a dressing gown and thick slippers will be your best friends this Winter. Your flat is bound to get chilly so making sure you have enough layers to keep warm is essential and wooly jumpers are a must this season. Don't forget to wear your hat, gloves and scarf when you head outside too, you don't want to catch a cold! 

scarf, jumper and hat

2. Put the kettle on

Need a hand-warmer for those long Winter walks? Make a flask of tea to keep your fingers from freezing. Having regular hot drinks can help to keep your body warm so it's time to stock up on teabags, coffee and hot chocolate to get you through. 

a hand holding a glass

3. Stock up on blankets

Winter is the perfect time to get cosy and blankets are a great way to stay toasty whilst giving you an extra level of comfort. Start your Winter movie marathon snuggled up on the couch in a thick blanket. They also make a great added layer underneath your duvet to stop you from getting cold during the night. 

a colorful blanket

4. Keep moving

It's important to keep your blood pumping whilst it's cold. Try to get active throughout the day, even if it's going on a short walk or doing some light exercise in the flat. Top tip: when you do sit down make sure to put your feet up as it's coldest on the ground. 

a pair of feet wearing blue shoes

5. Cook your favourite comfort meals (if you're self-catered)

Winter meals are definitely some of the most comforting ones so it's a great time to try out some new recipes and make your favourites. Everyone looks forward to a hot meal on a cold day. Why not make a soulful bowl of soup? Or a hearty casserole? Pie and mash is another classic Winter dish, don't be shy with the gravy either! 

a bowl of food

Try these Winter warmers to fight off the cold this season. 


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