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Packed breakfast/dinner at your hall

By Konrad 03 Oct 2019

There are bound to be days when you have to leave for lectures very early in the morning or come back late from the library. After all, you're at uni and we all understand it - the last thing you should worry about is your breakfast or dinner...

With a little bit of planning, we can help you sort it out "deliveroo style"! :)

Order your food at reception! There is an order sheet where you can put down your details and leave your hall ID card as a deposit for your packed meal.

This is where the planning part comes in:

  • Dinner: Order before 11 am on the day;
    to be collected after 8 pm on the same day
  • Breakfast: Order before 5 pm the evening before;
    to be collected before 8 am the next day

A packed dinner usually consists of salad, jacket potato or sandwich, piece of fruit and yoghurt and it is not a suitable regular alternative (and cannot be taken in addition to the main meal) for students and if you expect that late dining will be a regular occurrence then a catered hall may not be the right option for you.

This applies only if your accommodation includes catering in the following halls: College Hall, Connaught Hall, Garden Halls, International Hall, Nutford House and Lillian Penson Hall. 

Residents in self-catered accommodation in the above halls or elsewhere cannot request packed meals.


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