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Health and Wellbeing

Register with your local GP

By Konrad 12 Oct 2020

Taking care of your health is important; some would argue now more than ever before, but you should really always take care of yourself regardless of the viruses out there.

When things go wrong and you need to go see your general practitioner (GP), it is better if you have done your admin beforehand rather than trying to register at a time when all you need is some advice and lots of rest.

It is also a condition of residence that you register with a local GP. Once you have done it, please update the online induction, which includes a medical registration form. 

The NHS website has a search option to locate the nearest GP to your University of London accommodation, please follow the link:

In this article we provide some local GP practices located in very close proximity to our halls. If you’d like more options, please refer to the above National Health Service (NHS) link. 

Local GPs

Lillian Penson Hall

  • Lancaster Gate Medical Centre 20-21 Leinster Terrace London W2 3ET  020 7479 9750

Nutford House

  • Crawford Street 95-97 Crawford Street London W1H 2HJ 02077236324

College Hall, Connaught Hall, International Hall, Handel Mansions and Garden Halls

  • Ridgmount Practice – Ridgmount Street WC1E 7AA - 020 7387 6306
  • Gower Street Practice - 20 Gower Street London WC1E 6DP - 0207 467 6800

Eleanor Rosa House

  • Carpenters Practice 236-252 High Street Stratford E15 2JA 020 8534 8057

Some Colleges also operate their own health service. The details are below. You may choose to use them, but remember, when you’re ill you might not want to travel to your campus to get treatment.

  • UCL: University Health Centre; 020 7387 6306
  • LSE: Health Service; 020 7955 7016
  • City: Student Health Service; 020 7040 5998

Other Colleges are affiliated to the Central Institutions Health Service (CIHS) at 020 7636 7628. Kings College London students can register at the CIHS or at one of the three KCL Health Centres. Contact the KCL for further details.

Let us know about your registration

If you are yet to complete your online induction or would like to update the medical registration section with new GP details or Next of Kin, please follow the link below to change the details during your stay:

You might ask yourself what could happen if you do not register with a local doctor during their stay in London… Very often you will encounter problems and delays down the line in obtaining treatment, e.g. if you need to see a specialist, you have to go first through your GP. And as we said above, it’s best to register when you feel healthy so that you can get an appointment straight away when you’re under the weather.


If you’re suffering from coronavirus symptoms you are advised NOT to go to your GP. Please call 119 instead and you will be given personalised NHS advice and you’ll be able to arrange a test. Alternatively, you can go online

Also, please let us know by filling in this online form


In a life-threatening emergency situation, you must call 999 and you will get an immediate response. Please remember this is for life-threatening situations; if you require urgent help with a medical problem which is not life-threatening you can call 111 – this service is referred to as NHS 111 and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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