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THE must-have tech for freshers

By bzellie 26 Jul 2020

The countdown till you start university has begun!

You might have considered the essentials but what about the little extras here and there?

When it comes to technology and gadgets, it can be an overload of information, so we've picked out some of the best budget-friendly must-haves that will help you whilst at university...

1. Smartphone

You might think this is a bit obvious BUT yes, you've already got the phone but have you got the apps? Study apps such as Easybib, Office Lens, Evernote & Soundnote can save you a lot of time. Give them a try to make the best possible use of your smartphone.

a hand holding a cell phone

2. Power Bank

Pretty much everything needs charging now, especially when you're at university and on the go all day. A good power bank is essential to keep everything working; phones, books, watches, tablets. There are some affordable options too so you don't have to spend a fortune. Just don't forget to charge it up! 

a hand holding a cellphone with a charger

3. Coffee Machine

Think you're going to struggle with those 9am starts? For that all-important morning caffeine fix, a coffee maker is a must! It will save you a small fortune too. Once you start looking for these online, you'll come across thousands but this (affordable) Morphy Richards machine ticks all the right boxes.

a close up of a coffee cup

4. Bluetooth Speaker

Want your halls or house to be the place that everyone wants to hang out? Getting yourself a decent speaker will help to attract the right people BUT you don’t want to spend a lot of money. The AUKEY Eclipse offers great sound quality along with 12 hours of battery life. Don't play your music too loud though...

a bluetooth speaker

5. Chromecast

Obviously, there are LOTS of other streaming devices (i.e. Kindle Fire Stick) but as an all-rounder, the Chromecast outperforms most. It allows you to stream things like Netflix, Spotify & Youtube straight to your TV from almost any device - making it perfect for those lazy nights in bingeing your favourite show!

a tv with Netflix on in a dark room

6. Laptop Lapdesk

This one is definitely more of a luxury item and not an essential but if you can afford it, or your family can, then it's worth it! If you know you’re going to spend a lot of time working from your room, probably in your bed, then it's definitely worth getting one of these. Like everything, you can either go all out or there are some really good cheaper alternatives that will be just as useful. 

a person holding a laptop

7. Games Console

The first days and weeks at university are all about meeting new people and making friends. As far as ice breakers go, this one can be pretty seamless. A couple of hours on FIFA or Mortal Combat can be enough to cement a friendship for life! Games consoles aren't always cheap but you can get a good deal online - if you ask us, it's definitely worth it.

two people holding game remotes

8. Amazon Student Subscription

Ok, so this isn't technically tech but still super useful. Offering a host of useful features including free next day delivery, video & music subscription and the Kindle Lending Library, it's kind of a no-brainer. You can get all of this free for 6 months and £39/year after that.

a close up of a device with amazon logo on the front screen

Whilst you're out shopping and thinking about packing, don't forget these because they're going to make your life a LOT easier during your first year at university, especially if you're living in halls.

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