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Residential Life

The weird (and wonderful) clubs/societies to join at UoL

By bzgeorge 09 Sep 2019

Societies are a great way to make friends with the same interests as you.

It's rare to have so many opportunities available in one place and you should make the most of them! Try something new or improve a skill you have already! 

Maybe you could even try out some of the more intriguing societies, including...


Harry Potter

If you are a Hogwarts wannabe, then this is the nerdiest society for you! They host weekly quizzes, film nights, potion brewing, arts and crafts, dueling, wand making, scavenger hunts and trips away. At each meeting, you will have the chance to win points for your house that will contribute to the final awarding of the house cup. They even have a walking tour of the film locations in London - and a Yule Ball.

It's only £6 to join! 


Sky Diving 

Are you an adrenaline junkie, or looking for a wild new hobbie? The Sky Diving society is open to all levels of experience. They even have termly wind-tunnel trips to help you progress to the sky and weekly socials to meet fellow skydivers. 

The initial course is £195 for your ground school and first jump. Prices vary for beginners and advanced courses. 



A slightly controversial one for you. Your uni offers affordable shooting in a friendly and competitive atmosphere. No previous experience is required.

It is £40 per academic year. 


Canoe Polo 

Try out classic British polo with a twist. This combines paddling, ball skills and tactical play in a fast game of polo. Training takes place in the Student Central energybase pool. You can compete in national leagues, uni competitions across the UK and get coached by a UOL alumnus and member of the GB national team. 

It is £50 for an annual membership. 



In other words, scuba diving available for every level. You can train twice a week in an energybase pool and dive in the sea. There are also weekend trips all through summer and longer trips available in Easter and summer break.

It is only £32. 

Remember to make the most of these experiences and really get involved with life at UoL!


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