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Understanding the British language

By bzgeorge 26 Aug 2019

You have probably found that the English language is pretty hard to learn.

Well, we also use lots of slang words and strange phrases that you will hear that may be quite difficult for you to understand too. We apologise for the added confusion! 

Here is your ULTIMATE guide to British language to make your transition into English culture a little smoother:

  • Chuffed - When someone is really happy with something and they're excited about it.
  • Bloke - A man, guy, equivalent to an American "dude."
  • Budge up - You may hear this on the tube or train. It means to move up to make room for someone else on the seat. 
  • Chips - This refers to fish and chips, oven cooked chips and fries. NOT crisps, like American English.
  • Chockablock - When something is completely full or busy. E.G. the tube is chockablock.
  • Knackered - When someone is tired or exhausted. E.g. I'm absolutely knackered after work.
  • Quid, tenner, fiver - Used to describe British money. A quid is one pound, a fiver is a five-pound note and a tenner is a ten-pound note. 
  • Gutted - When you are upset about something and feel deflated.
  • Miffed - When you're annoyed at someone.
  • Legless, plastered, steaming, smashed - The English add "-ed" onto any word to describe being drunk.
  • Skint - When you have no money and are feeling poor. You will most likely hear students saying this a lot!
  • Snog / Shag - British terms for make out and have sex. Again, used a lot in the student community.
  • Uni - The shortened version of university.

Once you are settled into life in the UK, you will be using these sayings all of the time! 

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