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Welcome to Connaught Hall

By Adrian 24 Aug 2019

This welcome post offers a summary of the important things that you need to know as you pack your things ready to move in, and for your first couple of weeks living at Connaught Hall. Please take a few moments to read this information carefully: we hope it will make your life a lot easier!

There is more detailed information in our Intercollegiate Halls Handbook, which we strongly recommend you read before moving in.

If you are a first-year student coming to London this year, congratulations on your offer of a place to study at one of the best colleges in the world! If you are a returning student, we are really pleased that you have chosen to stay with us for another year.

Here in Hall, our goal is to provide you with a warm and welcoming home: a safe, secure, supportive, friendly, and tolerant environment in which you can study, relax, and socialise. We aim to promote a spirit of neighbourliness and togetherness in our Hall community, and encourage self-directed, responsible behaviour. We hope that this year will give you many happy memories to take with you, and the opportunity to make friends that will last a lifetime.

All the staff and I wish you a very happy and successful time here. We all look forward to meeting you soon and personally welcoming you to the Hall.

Dr Adrian Clark

Warden (Connaught Hall) and
Student Health & Wellbeing Manager (University of London)

Who's who

Management team

  • Hall Manager
    Hafsi Bakari
  • Assistant Hall Manager
    Fatuma Elmi

The Hall Manager and Assistant Manager look after the building and facilities. You can contact them at info.connaught@london.ac.uk.

Warden's team

  • Warden
    Dr Adrian Clark
  • Senior Resident Advisor:
    Viktoria Makai
  • Resident Advisors
    Markus Beeken
    Bene Colenbrander
    Rozita Leetham
    Thomas Seagroatt

The Warden and Resident Advisors (RAs) take care of residents’ welfare & pastoral care, discipline & conflict resolution, and the community & social life of the Hall. We always enjoy meeting you and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions. Please talk to one of us any time you need help or even just for a chat. You are very welcome to join us at meal times in the dining hall.

You can write to the Warden at adrian.clark@london.ac.uk - or visit adrianclark.as.me to arrange an appointment to meet.

Contacting us

There's more information about the best ways to contact us here:

How_to..._Contact_us_2019.pdf (140KB)

Join our Facebook group

Use this group for getting to know other residents, asking questions, or sharing your own events that others might want to join in. The Hall staff and the elected students on the Residents' Club Committee will post important information and social events here as well, so you can stay up to date with what's happening at Connaught Hall.

Complete your online halls induction

The halls induction is different and separate from any induction programmes sent to you by your college. You must have completed the halls induction before you arrive at Connaught Hall, otherwise we will not be able to issue you with your room key. If you haven’t done it yet, follow the link and do it now!

Click here to go to the online induction site.

What to pack

Check out this post for a list of things we provide and stuff that you should and should not bring with you: uolconnaughthall.wordpress.com/2018/08/21/what-we-provide-what-to-bring-with-you. 


We have some information about how to travel around London and get to Connaught Hall from the major airports here: campuslife.london.ac.uk/tags/Travel.

If you're driving to London, you will need this information about parking near Connaught Hall and the central London Congestion Charge: uolconnaughthall.wordpress.com/2018/08/21/car-parking-and-congestion-charge.

Making the transition to university

Check out our list of resources to help you plan, prepare for, and navigate the exciting - but sometimes daunting - transition to a new city, new way of studying, new subject, and new friendship groups: campuslife.london.ac.uk/making-the-transition-to-university_93985.   

We also made a Pinterest board of our favourite online resources about starting university and making friends:

Welcoming you

The Warden and Resident Advisors will host Sunday afternoon tea in the reception area on Sunday 15th September

You and your family are invited to join the Warden and RAs for tea, coffee, and cake, and a relaxed, informal chat. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions and meet the staff, some of the elected Residents' Club Committee members, and all the other residents who are moving in.

We invite you to wear a sticker with your name on it and listing a few of your interests so it’s easier to get a conversation going!

You're probably worried about this one thing...

It’s absolutely normal to feel worried about making friends when you move to a new place. Pretty much everyone feels the same way.

Joining everyone in the dining hall is the best way to get to know people. It will feel uncomfortable at first, and you might feel that you want to take your food away, but it is really worth making an effort to eat at least one meal in the dining hall every day for the first few weeks.

We also have a programme of social events in Hall to help you meet one another, make friends, and give you plenty of easy opportunities to meet the staff. There will be information about these events in our next newsletter, plus posters and online content telling you about more events being organised all the time.

We made a Pinterest board of some tips, articles and information about how to make this part of freshers a bit easier: Freshers – making friends and meeting people

Support for you in Hall

We are here to support you if things do get tough. So it’s OK to ask us for help.

The Warden and Resident Advisors (RAs) are here to offer support, help, and guidance in case of problems such as academic difficulties, health or emotional issues, social concerns, and disputes between residents. They are available for you to discuss absolutely anything that is bothering you – nothing is too big or too small – you only have to ask.

Feel free to approach the Warden or an RA anytime around the Hall. Learn how to contact the Warden and schedule an appointment here: adrianclark.as.me.

We know that students can sometimes experience difficulties such as loneliness, social isolation, bullying, conflicts related to religion or sexuality, depression, eating disorders, pregnancy, illness, drug and alcohol abuse, self-harm and suicidal thoughts, as well as antisocial behaviour, noisy neighbours, theft, and damage to property. The Warden and his team are ready, willing, and able to discuss these issues and provide initial support.

The Warden has been at Connaught Hall for 22 years. He is also the Student Health & Wellbeing Manager for the University of London. He trained as an accident & emergency doctor and practised medicine for 17 years before moving into the student health & wellbeing role. So you really can discuss anything safely.

In an emergency…

A member of staff is available 24 hours a day. Simply ask at reception and they will put you in contact with the staff member on duty.

  • During office hours, the Hall Manager’s staff are available in their office on the ground floor. You may approach them for assistance with any urgent problems.
  • Overnight and at weekends, an RA is on call to help with any emergencies. You can contact the Duty RA any time by asking at reception. The Duty RA can contact the Warden for backup or further help and advice at any time.

There's more information about getting emergency help here:

How_to..._Get_emergency_help_2019.pdf (512KB)

Talk to us!

Please come and talk to the Hall Management staff, Warden, and Resident Advisors at our welcome events. We really want to get to know you. And tell us if there’s anything we can do to improve your experience now or any time through the year.

We're looking forward to sharing our home with you for the next 9 months or so!

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Adrian is a medical doctor, the University of London Student Health & Wellbeing Manager, and the Warden of Connaught Hall. He is passionate about advancing equality, diversity, and inclusion. Adrian's interests include fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and insight meditation, medical education, social psychology, and human factors / crisis resource management.
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